What is EMS sculptor?

A modern solution for achieving flawless contours

Aquabike and Aquabike Body Shaping Studio [BREEZE} has the most effective and modern solution for achieving perfect body contours – Slim Beauty’s EMS Sculptor stimulating equipment, which is an innovative non-invasive device for simultaneously strengthening muscles and reducing fat deposits and lifting

Why EMS Sculptor?

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How does EMS Sculptor work?

High Intensity Electromagnetic Technology (HIMF) creates supramaximal muscle contractions (~20,000 contractions per session), a value that cannot be achieved even during the most intense workouts. As the muscles adapt to the new load, changes in their internal structure begin – the formation of new muscle fibers and the growth of myofibrils. When muscles contract, a large amount of energy is consumed, which is obtained from fat cells, so the amount of fat decreases naturally, without additional manipulations. Thus, in a certain area of ​​the body, muscle mass is simultaneously increased and the fat layer is reduced.

  • improves and highlights the relief of muscles,
  • the gluteal muscles rise and the relief of the buttocks is formed,
  • the layer of fat in the selected area is reduced (on average by 19%),
  • muscle mass in the selected area increases (on average by 16%).

  • pregnancy,
  • colds or viral diseases, fever,
  • chronic diseases,
  • the presence of metal implants (having magnetic properties),
  • heart failure,
  • arrhythmia, the presence of a pacemaker,
  • oncological diseases.

  • 1 treatment – 90.00 €
  • 4 treatments – 340.00 €
  • 6 treatments – 440.00 €
  • 12 treatments – 660.00 €

During the course, you must follow a low carbohydrate and mostly protein diet for best results.


    The EMS Sculptor treatment is like an intense workout. You can lie down and relax during the treatment. The treatment is painless comparable to the sensations of pulsation. We can always increase or decrease the intensity for your comfort.

    The EMS Sculptor treatment lasts only 30 minutes. It is recommended to carry out a series of at least 4-6 treatments scheduled twice a week for two to three weeks.

    After the course, you do not need additional sessions but we advise an additional 2 sessions - we call them "improvement" sessions as they take you further than just maintenance. Some clients choose to take the course quarterly or bi-annually to improve or maintain their results.

    The treatment will be especially noticeable on those who are in good / average physical condition and want to emphasize the contours of the body, the shape of the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks or arms. And also if the fat fold in the abdomen does not exceed 3 cm.

    EMS Sculptor is a safe treatment with no side effects. Some patients report muscle soreness for one to two days after treatment. This soreness is similar to fatigue after an intense workout.

    Given the load on the muscles of 20 thousand contractions, additional physical activity is not needed. Exercises for the buttocks and / or the press (depending on which part of the body you are taking the course for) is also better to exclude for the duration of the course. Training can be performed on other parts of the body, you can stretch.

    The method is based on the principle of physiological work of muscles. The increase in muscle mass occurs in the same way as with physical intense training. Only in this case, the effect on the muscles is more intense and more directed.

    During the treatment, you feel the contraction and relaxation of the muscles - as during a workout. The treatment begins cautiously - the intensity of the stimulating impulse increases gradually, taking into account the client's well-being.

    EMS Sculptor is a non-invasive body sculpting treatment tested and approved by ENC - operating under ISO/IEC 17025 for strict quality and safety control.

    The effect achieved with EMS Sculptor lasts from 6 to 9 months. To maintain the effect over a longer period of time, a balanced diet and regular supportive exercise are recommended. To permanently maintain the achieved result, it is recommended to carry out EMS Sculptor maintenance treatments periodically (every 6-9 months).

    EMS Sculptor can be well combined with cryolipolysis, which is best done before the course and with any other treatments (aquabike, lymphatic drainage treatments, body wraps and massages).