Endosphere therapy with Endoroller Max

is an apparatus massage with a healing effect, that can help prevention of with different cosmetic problems

All women are not skinny naturally, for some it is everyday work and care of the body. Sports classes, daily morning runs, working out, massage, and a balanced diet, without doubt, gives the needed result, but it has a flaw – all of it takes a lot of time. To save time in the development of a figure can help the method of compression vibration beads with a wide range of opportunities.

In the beginning, the method was developed to help discharge lactic acid for athletes after intense training, to improve venous reflux, and increase muscle tone.

Currently, this method is widely used in the field of beauty care, as it has a noticeable therapeutic effect, and it has become one of the most popular treatments in apparatus cosmetology. The basis of the method is vibration and compression, without the use of a vacuum, which helps to avoid traumas and receive the wanted effect.

Therapy is done with Endoroller’s help and a special tip-manipulator, in which rolls are located by the principle of the bee hive. Each moving tip has a sphere form, and with the help of its compression drainage of liquid media can take place, lymph and venous blood drain from tissue, but micro vibrations promote better circulation.

Endosphere therapy indications

Endosphere therapy with Endoroller Max is an apparatus massage with a healing effect, that can help prevention of with different cosmetic problems:

Before endosphere therapy, it is advised to visit a skin specialist, to indicate problem areas, and detect contraindications, if there are some. In the moment of the apparatus massage treatment, you won’t need to be doing any sort of actions or movements – the body will gradually get slimmer and will obtain beautiful lines.

How does the endosphere therapy treatment happen

There is no special preparation before the treatment and it happens in three stages:

  1. Body gets covered in special massage oil;
  2. The needed manipulator tip and revolution speed is chosen;
  3. Body’s problem areas are treated with the manipulator.

The treatment itself depends on the problem state and on average lasts approximately an hour, and includes 6 – 12 sessions with a two-week interval. After the first treatments, there is a feeling of muscle pain, but it will pass with time.

The first results can already be seen after first treatments. Cellulite, stretch marks, and excess weight get reduced in the time of six sessions.

How long the results of therapy will last, and whether there will be needed a repeated treatment, depends on the client. A correct diet, sports classes, and physical activities will help to maintain the result for a longer time.

Results Before/After

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    Endosphere treatment contraindications

    Just as with any other cosmetology treatment, endosphere therapy has some contraindications as well. Although this is a maximally safe treatment, endosphere shouldn’t be performed:

    1. during pregnancy;
    2. after surgeries;
    3. in the case of oncological diseases;
    4. in the case of infectious or inflammation processes;
    5. in the case of different skin disorders;
    6. in the case of an immune anomaly;
    7. in the case of hemorrhagic diseases, traumas, blood vessel tears, clots;
    8. for people with heart disease or pacemaker;
    9. in the case of serious thyroid diseases.

    Thanks to the high effectivity, lack of side effects, and comparatively long maintenance of the results, endosphere therapy has gotten fairly popular for beauty care salon and clinique clients. The treatment can be successfully combined with other cosmetology treatments – mesotherapy, wrapping, aqua bike, and endotherapy – and their effectiveness will only improve.

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