Facial rejuvenation

1. VIVA-TON massage

VIVA-TON massage is a skin rejuvenation in a natural way, acting on biologically active points. As a result of the massage, the internal processes of skin regeneration are launched, the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated, the skin becomes elastic and smooth.

The lymphatic drainage effect of facial massage is expressed in the stimulation of blood and lymph circulation, which improves complexion, normalizes metabolism, relieves swelling, and relieves congestion.

VILIGHT BEAUTY cosmetics used in the treatment provide the facial skin with the necessary nutrients, oxygen and moisture.

Results after VIVA-TON massage:

To achieve a permanent effect of VIVA-TON massage, it is recommended to carry out a course of 10 treatments every 3-4 days, then 1 time in 10 days.

VIVA-TON face massage (30 min)
VIVA-TON facial massage during another treatment (30 min.)


OXY LIFT — The treatment includes 2 types of skin cleansing, as well as oxygen-saturating peeling (removes dead cells, promotes regeneration, fights pigmentation and acne). VIVA-TON massage according to a special technique, which has a powerful lymphatic drainage, rejuvenating, tightening effect, during which its own collagen and elastin are produced.

The next step is the introduction of active natural drainage synergy with the help of ultrasound and oxygen-saturating oil, which contains high-quality essential oils that increase the tone of small capillary vessels, moisturize the skin and restore its balance. At the end, a nourishing and soothing mask and cream are applied.

OXY LIFT treatment (6 stages) + VIVA-TON facial massage (60 min)
OXY LIFT treatment without massage (6 stages) (30 min.)

3. Deep exfoliating peeling with glycolic acid

Deep Exfoliating Glycolic Acid Peel – 7-step complex with deep glycolic acid peel and nourishing elixir allows you to *reprogram* the skin at the cellular level with an important part of renewal, restoration and modernization of all skin layers. You get an immediate increase in smoothness, strength, hydration and freshness, a noticeable improvement in skin quality for a long time.

    Deep exfoliating peeling (30 min)
    Deep exfoliating peeling with VIVA-TON lifting massage (60 min)
    Facial cleansing, peeling, lifting massage of the face, décolleté, head and hands, plasticizing mask, cream (50 min)
    Facial massage during another treatment (30 min.)
    Vacuum cupping massage (30 min)
    Plastifying mask for face and décolleté, head and hand massage (30 min)