Infrared sauna

INFRARED SAUNA a small-sized cabin, in the perimeter of which are located heating elements, that radiate infrared waves. Infrared warmth heats the human body from the inside, moreover, the inner temperature of the cabin doesn’t exceed 55°C. Waves are natural and harmless to the human body. Subjectively they are perceived as a gentle, pleasant heat. Waves heat the body fast, by getting into the bodily tissue up until the depth of 4 cm. Feelings are similar to the effect of light physical activity: fastened heartbeat and moderate production of sweat. The main difference from the regular sauna is that what is heated is the body itself, not the air around it.


    The visit to the infrared sauna includes the time you spend exactly inside the sauna – 30 minutes and 15 minutes for preparative procedures.

    It is advised to visit:
    - After workouts on aquabike
    - Before procedures with a body specialist (device procedures, massage, wrapping) or
    - After body treatments (except for cryptolysis).


    Doctors-cosmetologists, dietitians, sports doctors, and rehabilitators
    agree about the effectiveness of IS-sauna. The positive effect of the procedure:


    • Heart-blood vessel system disorders;
    • Respiratory system disease;
    • Muscle pain, strains, sports traumas;
    • Insomnia, neurosis;
    • Relief of menopause symptoms;
    • Skin disease;
    • Overweight;
    • Urinary output organ disease, etc.

    • Malignant formations;
    • Arterial hypertension;
    • Pregnancy and lactation period;
    • Infectious disease;
    • Consumption of different substances (alcohol, antihypertension remedies, psychotropic substances, etc.);
    • Severe menstruation;
    • Fever of any origin.

    • Drink half a liter of fresh water before the procedure, to avoid dehydration;
    • Don’t get carried away with the length of the session: 20-30 minutes are enough;
    • Take a warm shower and rest 15-20 minutes after the procedure;
    • Consult your doctor if you have a history of chronic illness;
    • Don’t go to IR-sauna more often than every other day;
    • If you start to feel discomfort, leave the sauna.

    What is included?

    Herbal tea after a visit.

    Private booking for whole sauna area.

    15.00 €

    5.00 € discount for leaving the application for treatment now! Total price for treatment will be 10.00€!