Relax massages and treatments

Manual massage is a correction of defects in the musculoskeletal system by influencing certain areas. It does not use any invasive techniques. The specialist performs all manipulations with the help of hands.
Throughout life, the body accumulates excess fluid and products of intercellular metabolism. Lymphatic drainage allows you to remove excess using modern methods of physiotherapy. Professional lymphatic drainage massage restores venous circulation and improves lymph flow.

    Classic, problem areas, anti-cellulite, relaxing massage 90 min.
    Classic, problem areas, anti-cellulite, relaxing massage 60 min
    Classic, problem areas, anti-cellulite, relaxing massage 30 min
    Massage for pregnant women 60 min.
    Lipolytic massage 45/60 min.
    Lymphatic drainage massage 60 min
    Honey anti-cellulite massage 60 min.
    Aroma massage 60 min.

    Exclusive relaxation massages and treatments

    Hot stone massage is an exclusive deep relaxing massage technique based on the use of hot stones of various sizes and temperatures. For massage, volcanic basalt is used, which has a high density, a high content of magnesium and iron, which contributes to the rapid absorption of heat and its slow release. This enables deep warming and provides an excellent therapeutic effect: relieves stress, normalizes sleep, improves lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, and restores elasticity and water balance of the skin.

    Champi Indian Ayurvedic head massage is an ancient art that is ideally suited to the needs of people living in the twenty-first century. The word "Champi" in Sanskrit means "filling with energy." Massage is performed in a sitting position on the upper back, shoulder and neck-occipital girdle, neck, head and face. Massage focuses on those parts of the body where stress and tension tend to accumulate. After the massage, it is recommended to wash your hair only the next morning, since the effect of the oil continues its effect even more effectively during sleep.

    Aromatherapy massage with a personal composition of aroma oils. It has been scientifically proven that essential oils not only have a therapeutic effect, but also have a powerful psycho-emotional effect on a person's condition. AROMATHERAPY is aimed at restoring the mental and physical balance of a person with the help of natural essential oils. AROMATHERAPEUTIC MASSAGE stimulates the work of blood and lymphatic vessels, it also reduces fatigue, increases efficiency, improves the psycho-emotional state of a person, which creates harmony and well-being.

      Hot stone massage 60 min.
      Hot stone massage 90 min.
      Champi Ayurvedic head massage 45 min.
      Honey relaxation and detox massage 90 min.
      Aromatherapy massage with a personal composition of aroma oils 75 min.
      Aromatherapy massage 60 min. with relaxation oils from FLORAME to choose from