Thalassotherapy with PHYTOMER cosmetics

PHYTOMER is the world leader in marine cosmetics.

PHYTOMER are special and original rituals

Any treatment begins with the ritual of “immersion”. Active foam from sea silt with a thermal effect excites the nerve endings of the reflex zones. Sea splashes with a pinch of seaside lavender and quiet music, as if coming from the depths of the ocean, complete the immersion process. The client is relaxed and prepared for maximum receptivity of the treatments.

The sea and algae - the main
area of research

The PHYTOMER research laboratory (Phytomer) studies the depths of the ocean in search of active substances with the highest levels of useful components.

Marine biomimicry
and its properties

Biomimicry – (from the Greek bios – life and mimesis – to imitate) is a science that studies nature, its models, systems and elements. These are trends in the study of the behavior of algae and plants in order to harmonize and adapt to our body.

When compiling “active formulas” of drugs to solve a particular problem, PHYTOMER laboratory scientists take into account:

Algae and skin behave similarly.

Tasks solved by the brand:

For face
For body


Phytomer Express facial treatment

This express facial is perfect for those on the go. The treatment cleanses, lightly exfoliates dead cells, and gently massages your skin.
30 min - 50 €

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Thirst-quenching facial with organic algae
A comprehensive skin care treatment that combines hydration and intense relaxation. Improves sensory properties, soothes the skin and adds radiance, saturates and relaxes.

60-75 min. - €75

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A facial treatment that protects the skin from air pollution and gives freshness
The complex treatment combines all the benefits of sea air to detoxify and restore the skin, giving it a breath of fresh air. The treatment protects against pollution, eliminates signs of fatigue, brightens the complexion and moisturizes the skin..
60-75 min - 65 €

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Massage and body wrap with seaweed mixture
An ideal body shaping treatment that combines invigorating a massage and a unique body wrap with a mixture of algae, correcting the curves of your body and toning your figure. Visible results after 4 sessions: 11%* less belly fat and 8%* less thigh fat.* * Clinical assessment on 22 women after four P4 treatments with P5 LOTION applied twice a day for 15 days.
75 min - €95

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Spot thermal wrap for the abdomen - buttocks - thighs
Intense exfoliation scrub, acupressure and thermo-modelling body wrap to shape and get rid of cellulite in record time. The results are impressive: waist circumference decreased by more than 1 cm in just 4 treatments* * Measurement results from 19 women who received 4 treatments over 2 weeks. Average values shown.
75 min - 90€

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Scrub and massage for perfect shapes
Whole Body Beauty: A leaner, firmer figure plus improved overall skin health. A smoothing exfoliating scrub is followed by a slimming massage that refines the shape of the skin, perfects the curves of the body and gives the skin a flawless look.
60 min - 70 €

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Wrap and firming massage
A highly effective helium wrap is applied to the skin, the gel is subsequently rubbed into the skin, providing a tightening effect, tissue elasticity and eliminating sagging skin. Result: toned and toned body.
60 min - 65 €

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Salt crystal peeling
An exfoliating treatment using sea salt crystals combined with a moisturizing massage for an express treatment of beautiful skin, leaving it soft and silky.
40 min - 60 €

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Personal Energy Treatment
The Sea Champagne Treatment is an ideal detox treatment that provides an ultra-relaxing effect on the back and scalp through massage and remineralizing hot sea mud.
45 min - 60 €

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