Weight Correction Programs

Our body is our temple. It should be loved, nourished and honoured.

In order to keep the body healthy and beautiful for as long as possible (in order to get the desired result), it is necessary to make efforts and observe regularity (the exact sequence of actions).
We have developed seven types of unique wellness programs that will allow the client to achieve excellent results by following our instructions – recovery, weight loss, return of youth and health, cleansing. The programs include a consultation with a healthy nutrition specialist, a visit to a water simulator, manual and hardware treatments.

My little black dress

This program provides intensive body relaxation, cleansing.

A great opportunity to organize yourself before the holidays and to put on your favorite black dress without stress and discomfort!
Also, fast and effective way how to recover after long holidays
How many kilograms you lose during the program, so many real pearls you get!

Program includes:

Program lasts 6 days (10 days) with everyday treatments (or every second day).
Price – 440,00 €
Value if purchased separately — 495,00 €

We advise, as an addition to the program, to take advice from a healthy nutrition specialist, which will improve the outcome of the program at times. During the consultation, you will receive an exclusive diet for the duration of the program, as well as receive general nutritional recommendations that apply specifically to you, taking into account your blood and urine tests. This knowledge will help to additionally get rid of a couple of kg and not gain weight after the program.

Additional certified nutritionist consultation + FMD nutrition plan and monitoring  – 100,00 €

Weight reduction program

Step by step, kilo by kilo, following the moderation and master guidance.

Program includes:

Program includes:

Program duration — 5 weeks
Price – 800.00 € (Without nutrition specialist – 750.00 €)
By purchasing each treatment separately – 890.00€

Additionally, it is possible to do a laboratory DNA test for figure correction:
Test + transcript + consultation = 170.00 €


This program with a unique set of treatments and constant support of nutritionist.

This program with individually designed menu is designed so that you, save your time and money, get a real result in  3-4 weeks, strengthen your immunity, minimize body fat, get energized and improve your mood and well-being. During these weeks you will create healthy eating habits that will favour you throughout all your life.

We guarantee the enjoyment of the process throughout the program and the absence of exhausting diets and training. We will adjust the program to your daily routine, you just have to enjoy the process and enjoy the positive changes.

The program includes:

The program is designed for 3-4 weeks. The treatments take place 3 or 4 times a week and take 60-90 minutes.

Body Sculpt program price – 740,00 €
The cost of the program purchasing treatments separately – 871,00 €


This program is designed to smoothly cleanse the lymphatic system and remove toxins.

This program is designed to smoothly cleanse the lymphatic system and remove toxins, which will have a direct effect on the weight and amount of fluid in the body. This program will help you get rid of extra pounds, feel lightness in the body and reduce volume.

Advantages: Increased energy and vitality; improved metabolism; weight loss, clear body forms, reduced cellulite.

The program includes:

The price of the program – 420.00 €
By purchasing each treatment separately – 467.00 €

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